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Data Logger Solutions

Data Collection, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Moitoring, Environement Monitoring, 
Vaccine Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and More
Using the latest in USB, Bluetooth, Wirelees Communication

We Help The Connected Enterprise Thrive!

Connected Enterprise through Sensor Technology

Sensor-Driven Decisions are Transforming Business Operations and Providing Solutions for Success!

Here is how...

Distribution Chain Monitoring

Enterprise Optimization

  • Global Facilities Monitoring
  • Cold Chain Storage & Distribution
  • Energy Management
  • Incident & Alert Management
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Compliance Management


We Proudly Serve...and more

Data Logger Solutions-Walmart
Refrigerator Monitoring - FastMed
Vaccine Monitoring - DelMarva
USB Data Logger - CSM
Laboratory Monitoring - GNUBio
Pharmaceutical Monitoring - Exela
Temperature Monitoring - Novabone
Sensor Technology - Bayer
Chemical Monitoring - BioCoat
Industrial Monitoring - BioCoat
Warehouse Monitoring - Medtronic
Wireless Monitroing - BD