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Data Logger Solutions

Data Collection, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Moitoring, Environement Monitoring, 
Vaccine Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and More
Using the latest in USB, Bluetooth, Wirelees Communication

Cold Chain Transportation Monitoring

We specialize in monitoring the following areas:

• Pharmaceutical                                                 • Floral Shipments
• Blood, Tissue, Plasma                                       • Perishable Foods, Frozen Goods

• Vaccines                                                           • Wine, Cigars, & Much More!

We have the capability to look at all of our manufacturer's offerings and help develop a solution just for you.  For additional information about our products, or how we can assist in your search, please contact us at 919-827-4108, or complete our information request form.

Zpoint Mini Sensor

When looking for a small temperature sensor with Bluetooth technology? The Zpoint Mini is for you.  Zpoint Mini is a sealed temperature only logger.  This logger communicates through Bluetooth allowing for communication within 50'.  Thousands of units can be monitored through the Smartphone at on time.  Information and excursions are recorded to the cloud.

Single-Use Loggers

If you need a single-use loggers for transportation monitoring, we have a variety of choices.  From the top of the line including all information on display screens, to simple LED light indicators and auto-generated PDF reports.  We can help find you the right logger based on your display and reporting needs. 

Multi-Use Loggers

Multi-Use loggers can be used from months to years.  They can also be used for many functions...temperature, humidity and additional probe options.  These loggers are affordable and provide years of service.  Te get the right logger, please contact us so we can help meet your specific needs.

Zpoint Sealed Sensor

Monitor the trailer and see the display in the cab...yes, a detachable face.  The Zpoint Sealed Sensor was designed around CDC guidelines for vaccine storage an is flexible for many applications.  It has no wires for easy installation and can last up to 5 years on batteries.  The face is detachable allowing it be moved up to 50' away from the sensor.  It has two additional sensor ports for additional monitoring.

Zpoint Cellular

Need to monitor multiple points and have real time information, location and alerts?   Zpoint is a cellular based monitoring system that is very flexible and functions as a plug and play system.   The system is scalable  and allows up to 15 nodes per Gateway.  Each node can monitor temperature, humidity, and 2 more sensors, and is battery powered for up to 5 years.  Alert notifications are received via email, text or phone.


Monitor the trailer and capture the information at the dock?  DataNet is a ZigBee based unit that routes back to a computer at your location.  The repeater/ receiver can monitor up to 8 loggers.  Each logger can accommodate up to 4 sensors, temperature and humidity. Set your alert notifications and receive them via email or text.


Low-cost label indicators for temperature and time.  Indicates excursions including accumulated time duration of high temperature breaches. Ideal solution for food and pharmaceutical temperature monitoring with irreversible results!