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Data Logger Solutions

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Dry Ice and Cryogenic Temperature Data Loggers

Dry Ice Data Logger

c\temp™ Dry Ice Logger

c\temp™ single-use pre-programmed electronic recorder designed for measuring dry ice temperatures during the transportation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.  The internal thermistor accurately records time and temperatures for user selectable pre-programmed settings.  Push to play recording made easy!

Temperature Range: -80°C to 30°C

CO2 Data Logger


The edl-CO2 is the world’s first compact multi-use programmable dry ice temperature data logger while in direct contact with "dry ice" for extended environmental monitoring. Program and set your data logger for up to 6 months to monitor critical applications requiring low temperature environments, such as laboratory freezers and blood banks. Use with the latest software enabling technologies for analysis and reporting compliance needs.

Temperature Range: -80°C to 30°C

Dry Ice Temperature Data Logger

microDL-80C™ Dry Ice Logger

Record and log dry ice temperature ranges in shipments and freezers with our microDL-80C! The digital display technologies now operate at dry ice temperature ranges. The coin sized logger with the external thermistor probe can help you verify that internal temperatures of your dry ice packages meet specifications prior to acceptance of your shipment. Simply push the start button to view critical temperature information upon arrivals.

Temperature Range: -80°C to 30°C

Cryogenic low-temperature data logger

micro DL-200°C™ Cryogenic Logger

These high-precision, laboratory-grade products can operate up to 3 years without a battery change. View current and stored data by scrolling through the screen displays, including high, low, elapsed time, alarm excursions and Mean Kinetic Temperature. User friendly software allows for analysis and reporting compliance.

Temperature Range: -200°C to 72°C

edl-ln2 Cryogenic low-temperature data logger

EDL-LN2™ Cryogenic Logger

The EDL-LN2 is the perfect companion for monitoring temperature sensitive biologics.  It  has one sensor for ambient range temperatures inside the case, and one external probe that monitors cryogenic temperatures from -200°C to +72°C for applications such as cryo-storage, freezers, refrigerators and incubators.  See all real time recordings on the LCD screen display!

Temperature Range: -200°C to 72°C