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HOBO UX120 Plug Load Logger

Measures power and energy consumption of 120V office equipment plug loads.

Onset’s HOBO Plug Load Logger is a high-accuracy, easy-to-deploy data logger that measures and records the power and energy consumption of 120V plug loads from office equipment, vending machines, and other devices.

The logger provides 0.5% measurement accuracy with a measurement resolution of 1 watt, making it an ideal choice for building audits where detailed energy use data is required. The rugged housing is designed to withstand the rigors of real-world handling, providing reliable performance despite bumps, drops, and use under desks.

Supported Measurements: RMS voltage, RMS current, active power, active energy, apparent power, and power factor.

Key Advantages:

• 0.5% measurement accuracy enables more reliable plug load energy use data

• “Meter Mode” provides instant viewing of real-time plug load variables

• Large memory enables faster logging intervals for more comprehensive plug load profiles

• Battery back-up ensures logged data remains intact in the event of a power outage or load failure

• Full-featured LCD display provides visual diagnostics for easy deployment

• Factory calibrated (see user’s manual for details)