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Data Logger Solutions

Data Collection, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Moitoring, Environement Monitoring, 
Vaccine Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and More
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Low Cost Single-Use Temperature Data Loggers

Single-use temperature indicator


tempmate.®-i 1, low-cost single use temperature indicators are specially designed for temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. By comparison to chemical indicators, the 3 LED‘s at the frontside of the electronic indicator gives you a fast and clear feedback of your goods condition.

Single-Use temperature USB programable data logger


The tempmate S1V2 is a low-cost, single use trip logger with on-board PDF and CSV report generator!  Run time is up to 110 days with logging interval of 10 min. A NIST traceable validation Certificate is available as hardcopy and as a PDF held in the memory of each device. V2 is actually re-programmable and can be used again until the battery life expires.

Shelf life: up to 2 years after date of production.

Bluetooth Single-Use temperature data logger


The single-use Pod One-90 provides an inexpensive, yet fully-featured, monitoring solution.  Able to setup as a recycle logger and charge per use, reducing cost.  Ask for more information.

c\temp-LCD Single-Use Temperature Logger


c\temp is one of the first of its type.  This logger provides a display showing everything you need.  Not only do you know your excursion settings, current temperature, min/max readings, quarantine status, and run time, but also time over alarm.  

Temperature Range: -35°C to 50°C
c\temp Single-Use Direct Contact Dry Ice Temperature Logger

c\temp Dry Ice

c\temp dry ice logger is one of the few that can be in direct contact with dry ice.  The indicators make it easy to see if an excursion has occurred, allowing for immediate response.  This compact logger is ideal for product transportation.
Temperature Range: -81°C to 72°C
MaxiLog Temperature Logger


MaxiLog was designed with vaccine transportation in mind.  This small unit provides a complete display showing settings, current temperature, and time over alarm.  This product could be your next low cost solution for product monitoring.
Temperature Range: -35°C to 50°C
single-use chart recorder 7 days, 16 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days


TempCheck3, a reliable and cost-effective strip chart temperature recorder.

The TempCheck3 is driven by a high-torque quartz motor and displays the time and temperature on strip chart paper in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Temperature Range: -25°C to 35°C