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Time & Temperature Label Indicators

What is Timestrip®?

Timestrip® is a unique, patented label technology that provides low-cost, disposable, and a simple to use product monitoring.  These time & temperature label indicators are an affordable way to ensure your consignment arrives within your specified temperature conditions.

  • Timestrip Plus™ records if a high temperature breach occurred, along with the total duration of the excursion.
  • Timestrip Minus records if an unacceptably low temperature threshold has been breached.
  • Timestrip Duo™ and Timestrip Complete™ are the first cold chain products to actively monitor high and low temperature breaches.   
  • Timestrip® measures the duration of time a product has been opened, in service, or time between scheduled maintenance.

How does it work?

Timestrip® should be activated when the product to be monitored is first opened or used.  Activate by squeezing the button on the label flat.  An activation indicator appears to show that the Timestrip® is working. Stick the Timestrip® on or near to the product it is monitoring. The liquid gradually moves across the white viewing window and results are irreversible.

Which Industries Use Timestrip®?

  • Healthcare              
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cold Food Chain
  • Industrial/Laboratory Chemicals
  • Product Replacement & Service
  • Promotional/Marketing