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Data Logger Solutions

Data Collection, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Moitoring, Environement Monitoring, 
Vaccine Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and More
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Vaccine Solutions

We specialize in monitoring the following areas:

Dry Ice                                                       Real time monitoring
Vaccine Storage                                         CDC recommended monitoring

We have the capability to look at all of our manufacturers and assist with developing a solution just for you.  For additional information about how we can help with your monitoring solution, please contact us at 919-827-4108, or complete our information request form.

New Product For 2016!

The new InTemp CX400 Series is a family of high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. 

Designed to simplify compliance with CDC guidelines for vaccine monitoring, InTemp loggers dramatically simplify your process by streamlining daily temperature checks, speeding up logger setup and download, and reducing your paper trail burden.


Zpoint Sealed Wireless Monitoring System

Look no wires!  This unit is designed to be placed inside the refrigerator, and the detachable face can be placed anywhere within 100'.  Two additional sensor points are provided allowing for more flexibility.  The collected data is on a compliant cloud based platform for visibility.  The plug and play system has been used in thousands of pharmacies!

Single-Use Monitor

tempmate.®-i1 indicators are specially designed for temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical cold chain logistics. As pre-programmed
device tempmate.®-i1 can be instantly used to control your temperature sensitive consignment. By comparison to
chemical indicators, the 3 LED‘s at the front side of the electronic indicator gives you a fast and clear feedback of your good's condition.

Multi-Use Logger

The multi-use temperature data loggers are equipped with an integrated USB port and PDF generator, so they do not require any additional software or hardware to read out the data from the logger. With the optional available tempbase.® software, you can configure the device and manage the data comfortable on your PC if needed.


c\temp is one of the first of its type.  This logger provides a display showing everything you need.  Not only do you know your excursion settings, current temp, quarantine status, and run time, but even time over alarm.  


MaxiLog was designed with vaccine transportation in mind.  This small unit provides a complete display showing settings, current temperature, and time over alarm.  This product could be your next low cost solution.


Picolite is a easy to use logger that connects directly to the USB port on our computer.  The Weboomerang agent allows for immediate dispatch of logger reports to designated email recipients  when plugged into USB port.


TempMate is a low cost solution to get your data logger results.  The logger connects to your USP port and allows you to download a PDF showing results.  Order with parameters and ship, it is that easy.

c\temp Dry Ice

c\temp dry ice logger is one of the few that can be in direct contact with dry ice.  The indicators make it easy to see if an excursion has occurred, allowing for immediate response.  


Affordable multi-use, multi-trip temperature data logger available in two models offering 8,000 or 32,000 sample cyclic memory.