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Data Logger Solutions

Data Collection, Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Moitoring, Environement Monitoring, 
Vaccine Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, and More
Using the latest in USB, Bluetooth, Wirelees Communication

Warehouse Monitoring Solutions

We specialize in monitoring the following areas:

• Refrigerated Storage                                               • Food/Beverage Storage  
• Ultra Low/Cryogenic Freezers                                  • Healthcare/Pharma Storage
We have the capability to look at all of our manufacturers and help develop a solution just for you.  For additional information about our products, or how we can assist in your search, please contact us at 919-827-4108, or complete our information request form.

Zpoint Cellular

The gateway is the communication link for the Zpoint system.  It has the capability to monitor temperature and humidity, with two additional sensor ports.  The system is cellular based and allows for a variety of monitoring options on  one platform.


DataNet is a ZigBee based unit that routes back to a computer at your location.  The repeater/ receiver can monitor up to 8 modules. Loggers can accommodate up to 4 sensors and temperature and humidity. Set your alert notifications and receive them via email or text.

EDL-RF Series

No cellular signal, no WiFi, no problem.  The EDL-RF Series allows you to monitor via radio frequency up to 2000' away indoors and 1 mile outside.  Uses batteries as a power source and provides alert notifications via email, Phone, test, or pager.

BACnet Monitoring

Our BACnet system is an ideal and affordable wireless solution for facility monitoring, energy auditing, warehouses, healthcare environments, and more!  The system easily integrates for BACnet/IP, Modbus/TCP, and third party software with available  tools so it will work seamless with your internal systems and procedures.