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“bun Alarm” is an automatic phone dialer, Text message and email alarm system with one digital input, it is powered by 2 replaceable AA batteries for up to 6 years and connects directly to Wi-Fi.

“bun Alarm” can dial an unlimited number of phone numbers and send text messages and emails to unlimited recipients simultaneously. For doing all this it doesn’t require power, nor a phone line! With no monthly maintenance cost, it uses Wi-Fi to connect to a 24/7 running server which will manage all the communications.

A digital input could come from a switch, a duress button, a relay, a PLC or any other source with a dry contact output.

The history of all the events (triggering the Alarm on or off) will be stored with timestamp and are remotely accessible through online application. Wi-Fi connection will be tested in adjustable intervals and users will be notified if Wi-Fi is not available.


Product Brochure

Bun Alarm

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