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“bun Counter” is a wifi battery-operated (2xAA) active/passive pulse collector. It keeps the hourly accumulated record of incoming pulses from any measuring device for over 16300 hours in its internal memory and uploads them to a web-based analytic application in remotely adjustable intervals. Ultra-long battery life, ordinary Wi-Fi connection, and easy installation make it the perfect tool for managing any accumulative measurable medium.

Despite what a meter measures, “bun Counter”, can easily convert any type of cheap or even old meter with a pulse output into a web-enabled smart meter in a matter of minutes. Connecting directly to Wi-Fi and powered for years by 2 pieces of AA batteries, give you the flexibility of installation and freedom from any maintenance. Hourly resolution of readouts in combination with EEMS web-based application gives you deep insights about your consumption and your utility costs. Further, EEMS automatically monetizes and visualizes your utility consumption. Also, reports and graphs can be extracted for any period of time with a few clicks.


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bun Counter

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