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“bun MULTI” is an ideal tool for monitoring HVAC systems, electromotors, Engine rooms, and any industrial facility involving power or fluids. With “bun MULTI” you can monitor either 2 out of 3 parameters of AC power current (non-invasive clamp), Pressure (liquid or gas), and temperature (in-fluid or out).

More than an accurate meter and a reliable logger, “bun MULTI” is also a cloud-based alarm system.
All setting parameters like measurement intervals, upload intervals, minimum and maximum allowed current/Pressure/temperature thresholds can be set through a web-based application on any platform. It sends out email and text message alarms as soon as any measured parameters exceed or fall below pre-set limits. It also provides access to the records history, graphs, and periodical reports. It can be used for monitoring HVAC systems, boilers, water heaters, chillers, food or medicine processing facilities, etc.

Predictive maintenance is the smart way of maintaining systems in the current age of connectivity.


There are 3 main different strategies for maintaining a system:

Reactive maintenance: The device will only be repaired after its breakdown. Like replacing a burned out light bulb. This strategy might be suitable for low cost and inessential devices.

Preventive maintenance: The device will be repaired based on a schedule and before its breakdown. This strategy is mostly used for devices with high maintenance cost and high safety risk in case of a breakdown, like aircrafts.

Predictive maintenance: The predictive maintenance strategy uses the data collected from the actual condition of the equipment to plan what maintenance needs to be performed and when it should be carried out; Allowing the necessary maintenance to be planned and executed before the system’s condition worsens and causes an unplanned malfunction. This strategy minimizes the downtime and maximizes the equipment’s productive life cycle. In the other words, maintenance is performed no earlier or any later than is necessary.


bun MULTI Multi, is your smart automatic assistant for “Predictive Maintenance”.

bun MULTI is a very low cost, Predictive maintenance in a box that can prolong the life of motors, compressors, fans, engine and HVAC systems really easily.

bun MULTI (Wi-Fi AC current | Pressure | Temperature recorder and alarm) can help you with:

  • Automatic 24/7 monitoring and sampling
  • Pushing Phone calls, Text message and Email Alarms if any anomaly is detected
  • Providing reports and graphs to make the analysis of the problem and prediction of breakdown easier
  • Flexible tools for filtering out ordinary fluctuations or interruptions


Example 1: Over 57%*failures of the motors tend to be due to issues with the bearings. Malfunctioning bearings can be replaced quickly and easily with low relative cost, but an unmitigated problem can lead to excessive damage to the other parts of the motor. Malfunctioning bearings will cause an over-consumption of energy in the motor and therefore can be detected on-time by monitoring the actual current, drawn by the motor constantly. Non-invasive current sensor of bun MULTI can be used for sampling the current drawn by a motor in short intervals (like every 10 minutes) constantly and push alarms to the maintenance team if any anomaly is detected, and let them schedule an inspection and repair if necessary before a breakdown.


Example 2: Leaking refrigerant can lead to longer periods of compressor working cycles and excessive wearing of the system. Not to mention the over consumption of energy and environmental damages. bun MULTI can monitor the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant, push alarms on-time and provide graphs and reports to help the maintenance team identify and resolve the problem fast and easy.


Product Brochure

bun Multi-for monitoring HVAC systems

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