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The MicroLite III Temperature Data Logger is an essential tool for maintaining the integrity of your cold chain. This compact and easy to use device allows you to monitor and record temperature fluctuations with precision. The user-friendly interface and free software make it a breeze to set up and download data for analysis. With a long-lasting battery life and USB connection for quick and convenient data transfer, this data logger ensures seamless monitoring of temperature-sensitive products. Plus, the easily replaceable battery means you can rely on this tool for consistent and accurate temperature monitoring over extended periods of time. Keep your cold chain in check with the MicroLite III Temperature Data Logger.


Brand: Fourtec

Calibration Type: Available Call For Quote


Product Brochure

Declaration of Accuracy

MicroLite III Temperature Data Logger


MicroLite 10 unit discount

    • Measurement range of -40 to 80 °C
    • Direct USB interface for setup, alarm and data download
    • Supporting Boomerang feature for automatic emailing of PDF report on PC connection
    • Multiple activation modes: Timer, Push to Run, Immediate
    • LED for alarm and sampling indication
    • Four-digit LCD with decimal point
    • Up to 32K cyclic sample memory
    • Free DataSuite software supporting data analysis and device setup
    • Dust and water resistant, IP67
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