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Small, light, waterproof and packaged in food packaging, this data logger is  ideal for monitoring the temperature during the transport of: food products, pharmaceuticals, transport of works of art, flowers, transport of blood, etc. Recordings start and stop at the press of a button. Just connect it to the USB port of any computer to get the PDF report directly without software and driver.


The predefined parameters (sampling frequency, delay, alarm levels) can be modified according to customer requirements.


Key SingleRide Benefits: 

  • Generate PDF report without software or driver
  • Integrated USB interface
  • 6 marked points supported
  • Status LED and alarm indication




Temperature range- 30 ° C to 70 ° C
Temperature accuracy± 0.5 ° C
Resolution0.1 ° C
Data storage capacity8,640 samples - 60 days
Sampling rateOne every 10 minutes (preset)
Alarm levelsLow 2 ° C and High 8 ° C (preset)
Power source3V CR2032 battery
Battery life / service life6 months / 1 year
LEDGreen (sampling), Red (sampling, alarm)
Activation modesImmediate with 10 minutes delay
Connection modeAutomatic shutdown when connecting to PC
Type of reportPDF
Dimensions62mm x 27mm x 4mm
Complies with standardsCE, EN12830, ROHS, GSP, 21CFR11, IP67

SingleRide PDF

  • Promotion Prices:
    • For an order of 500 units- $ 13.90Unit price.
    • For an order of 1,000 units- $ 12.44 Unit price.
    • For an order of 5,000 units- $ 11.70 Unit price.
    * For bigger orders please contact your sales representative.

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