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Single-use data logger for real-time measurement of temperature, humidity and light. GSM tracking and LTE 4G connectivity for smart logistics worldwide.


The tempmate.®-GS2 offers a wide range of configuration options to flexibly design each device according to your requirements. You can decide whether the use of the device requires a lithium or non-lithium battery. In the tempmate.®-cloud, you can ultimately configure the parameters necessary for your monitoring, adapting the device to your needs from start to finish.


Who wouldn’t like to keep an eye on their valuable consignment day and night? With the tempmate.®-GS2 there are no more sleepless nights. You can rely on being alerted by an alarm in real-time and track your consignment very closely via the tempmate.®-cloud. Are you worried about your sensitive data? In the tempmate.®-cloud, only you decide who gets access to the evaluations by using the user administration.


When you buy a tempmate.®-GS2, you are not only holding a technically sophisticated piece of hardware in your hands. At the same time, you also get access to the tempmate.®-cloud, which you can use to parametrize your devices and monitor your consignments in detail. In addition, with the data package already set up, you achieve worldwide* connectivity, without having to be annoyed by additional third-party contract costs or long contract terms.




Copy of Copy of G2E discounts available

  • Item number*: G2E-000
    External Sensor Device with Lithium Battery

    Quantity** Price
    1+ $183.41
    10+ $174.03
    50+ $164.65
    100+ $159.02
    200+ $151.51

    * Other models available on request
    ** 1 PU = 10 units


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