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tempmate.®-i1 temperature indicators have been specially developed for monitoring pharmaceutical products’ cold chain. As a pre-programmed device, the tempmate.®-i1 can be immediately deployed for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods and freight. In contrast to chemical indicators, this electronic indicator’s 3 LEDs provide simple and clear feedback on the current condition of your goods.

  • Product-based temperature monitoring throughout the entire cold chain
  • Waterproof and food-safe
  • Cost-efficient and reliable
  • Intelligent LEDs display the current status


  • Item number*: i1CS100

    Quantity** List Price 
    200+ $3.91 each
    800+ $4.00 each
    3,000+ $3.47 each
    10,000+ $3.31 each

    * Other models available on request
    ** 1 PU = 40 units

    *** Minimum order quantity for special configurations: 200 units @$60.00.

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