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Introducing the Tempmate-S1 PRO-TH Temperature/RH Data Logger, the perfect solution for monitoring and maintaining the integrity of your cold chain. This single-use data logger is designed to be flexible and effortless to use, providing accurate temperature monitoring in a small and compact package. With its pre-calibrated design, you can rest easy knowing that your temperature/RH-sensitive products are being monitored with precision. Simply place the Tempmate®-S1 PRO-TH in your shipment and be carefree as it logs temperature data throughout the entire journey, ensuring that your products are in optimal conditions. Trust in the Tempmate®-S1 PRO-TH to provide reliable temperature monitoring for your cold chain needs.


Brand: Tempmate

Temperature: –30 °C to 70 °C

Humidity: 0 - 100 %rH

Calibration Type: CE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS, FCC

Cloud Service Available: Yes


Product Brochure

Tempmate-S1 PRO-TH Temperature/RH Data Logger


S1H Discounts Available

  • Item number*: S1H-000

    Quantity** Price 
    20+ $31.98
    100+ $30.77
    500+ $22.82
    1.000+ $21.66
    5.000+ $19.79
    10.000+ $18.05

    * Other models available on request

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