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The Tempmate-S1V2 single-use temperature data logger is the perfect solution for monitoring temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage. With its simple design, it is easy to use and provides reliable temperature data to ensure the integrity of your products. The device generates both CSV and PDF reports for easy data analysis and record-keeping, making it a convenient tool for monitoring temperature trends. Each Tempmate-S1V2 is factory calibrated, providing accurate temperature readings right out of the box, so you can use it with confidence. Whether you are shipping pharmaceuticals, food, or any other temperature-sensitive products, the Tempmate-S1V2 is the dependable choice for single-use temperature monitoring.


Temperature: -30° to 70°C

Calibration Type: CE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS, FCC

tempmate-S1V2 packaged in boxes of 20


Product Brochure

Tempmate -S1V2 single-use temperature data logger


S1V2 discounts available

  • Quantity** List Price
    20+ $27.50 each
    100+ $25.50 each
    500+ $22.50 each
    1,000+ $18.50 each
    5,000+ $16.50 each
    10,000+ $15.00 each

    Per custom model and
    order $60.00
    Item number*: S1C10A01000

    Configuration fee
    Item number: S1V2-CONFIG

    * Other models available on request
    ** 1 PU = 20 units

    *Add the quantity to cart to see the discount automatically.

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