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Brand: Tempmate

Temperature: –30 °C to 70 °C

Calibration Type: NISTCE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS, FCC

Tempmate-S2T Single-Use temperature data logger not only offers high-quality sensor technology, but also a backup log that prevents your important data from being lost. Together with password protection, you get a device that not only reliably records your data, but also protects it from loss and misuse. Finally, the environmentally friendly hard case makes the tempmate-S2 a robust companion for your goods and a protector of your data.

Only one button is needed to operate the tempmate.®- S2 - everything else happens almost by itself. A PDF with your important data is automatically created when the device is stopped. It can be easily analyzed and archived via the built-in USB interface. Do you have special requirements for monitoring your goods? You can purchase the tempmate.®- S2 from us, pre-configured and customized to your needs.


Product Brochure

Tempmate-S2T Single-Use temperature data logger


S2T discounts available

  • Quantity** Discounts
    20+ $32.38
    100+ $27.15
    500+ $22.73
    1.000+ $19.12
    5.000+ $17.38
    10.000+ $15.84

    Per custom model and
    order $60.00

    * Other models available on request
    ** 1 PU = 20 units

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